Photoshop Tutorial | Mk1 VW Golf GTI

This tutorial describes how to render this car. Unlike my usual style I have not used many paths here. This is a rapid render style to quickly create an idea.

1. Sketch

Start with a sketch. Use a variety of line weights. This adds depth to the sketch and makes it look more interesting. Highlight areas of interest by making those lines thicker.


2. Desaturate and Level Adjustments

The warm marker used to fill the block areas in is a bit dull so Ive desaturated the image and adjusted the levels to punch out the sketch.

3. Wheels

I modelled these particular wheels in Alias in order to get the angle that I want. Then Ive stylised the wheels by bluring them and applying the cutout filter to them.

Alternatively you can search google and find some wheels to match the angle of your render.

4. Shadows

Fill in the areas which are hidden by shadows.

4. Glass

Fill in the glass areas with a dark colour then apply a white gradient from about a third of the way upwards.

5. Detail

Select a brush and set the opacity to 30 then start filling in the bumper and lower front spoiler to make it look like its been roughly filled in with a marker pen.

6. Body Colour

Change the brush colour to blue or a colour of your preference. Start filling in the main body of the car. Dont worry about staying in the line.

7. Highlights

Add some highlights. Use a combination of white brush and and mask. Use paths to get a nice clean line where necessary.

8. More Detail

Add further detail and some background splashes to make the car stand out.

9. Lights

Use an image of a real car to understand how light bounces of the chrome surfaces inside the cans.

10. Hue/Saturation

Select the layer with the body colour on it and adjust the Hue/Satuation parameter until you arrive at a desired colour.


20. The End...

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