Photoshop Car Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to render this car using Adobe Photoshop. The whole thing took about an hour and a half to complete. I usually use paths a lot but Ive not used any in this particular case.

1. Sketch

Scan and open your sketch.

Use a variety of line weights. This adds depth to the sketch and makes it look more interesting. Highlight areas of interest by making those lines thicker.

2. Paint Bucket Tool

Firstly I fix the image up and make any alterations to improve the design or proportions. In this particular case the rear wheel looked a bit wrong so Ive adjusted that.

Fill the background layer in with a mid range grey colour.

3. Main Lines

Sketch in lines which define the main features of the car.

4. Main Block

Fill in the main part of the car using one solid colour. Use a mid range to start with.

5. Darkest Shadows

Fill in the darkest shadows areas. This process really starts to bring the car out.

6. Glass

Block in the glass areas.

7. Background Block

Create a block for the background. This will bring the car out a bit more and will be used to enhance the reflectivity on the surfaces.

8. Gradient

Add a darker gradient to the bottom areas of the car.

9. Atmosphere Reflections

Add some more shadow to the from and side of the car. Imagine if the atmosphere was to reflect in the metal.

10. Lights

Block in the lights with one colour. This is just to bring them out for now. Later I will add detail to them.

11. Background Reflection

Bounce the background colour off the side and top of the car.

12. Highlights

Add a light gradient to the higher areas of the car.

13. Highlights

Create some lightcatchers to add interest.

14. Highlights

Add a thin light gradient to the edge furthest away.

15. Highlights

Add some high gloss reflections to the glass and body of the car to make it look more shiny.

16. Headlamp

Create the main outline for the shape of the lights.

17. Headlamp

Fill in the inside of the lamp.

18. Headlamp

Add some shadows to suggest a 3D headlamp.

19. Headlamp

Add a light gradient to the top area of the headlamp.

20. Conclusion

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me.

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