Photoshop | Photo Manipulation Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to manipulate an image of an existing car and turn it into something new.

The result is a photo realistic image of a new design.

1. Starting off

Firstly gather an image for the base. Make sure its a good quality image at a nice angle. Then search for donor images of other cars at a similar angle. The colour isnt important. Look for features that you might use on the new design. In this case Ive used a Gallardo and a Murcielago.

2. Clearing Out

Using a combination of the clone, brush and stamp tool delete the areas which will be different. Try to create a blank canvas.

3. Colour matching

In order for the new parts to look realistic the colours must match. Cut and paste a piece of a donor part and place it above the base car. Go to Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation, make sure colorize is ticked and move the parameters to match the colour of the donor car.

4. Front Bumper

I thought the Gallardo's front bumper because I thought it idetifies Lamborghini's form language very well. The sharp faceted surfaces give it a and aggressive appearance and the large air intakes suggest a powerful engine.

5. Headlamps

The headlamps are like the eyes of the car

5. Shutlines

Add some shutlines and a shoulderline.

6. Interior

Add some basic shapes for the interior.

6. Interior

Add some basic shapes for the interior.

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